How to use the extra- vergin olive oil

Made with pressed olive juice, the olive oil is the only one recommended for frying because it has no chemical additives; 
Not recommended for prolonged frying, as the smoke point is low;
Strongly recommended for raw condiments and salads, excellent for tasting on bread with some salt, in a perfect Italian tradition.

Ideas for bread and oil snacks
Bread and olive oil is one of the oldest snacks in Italy, handed down from generation to generation, a quick and simple snack.

Bread and oil with tomato: the classic Italian bruschetta. Cut the tomato into small slices, season the toasted bread with olive oil, oregano and the chopped tomato and finally add the basil or minced mint leaves.

Bread and oil with cheese: a mix of flavors and intense aromas. In this preparation it counts, even more than in the others, the quality of the extra virgin olive oil that must contrast in the best way with the taste and smell of the aged cheese. The bread will go into the oven together with the oil and the cheese: in this way we will get a slice of crispy bread in the lower part and soft in the upper part thanks to the cheese that will melt.

Bread and oil with avocado: this is a typically Mediterranean combination. Prepare it when the guests have already arrived home because the avocado should be eaten immediately after being peeled. Toast the slices of bread and season them with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Finally, lay the freshly peeled avocado on them.Bread and oil with salmon: for a prosecco or white wine aperitif you can combine a slice of bread and oil with fresh salmon. Season the bruschetta with lemon juice and pink or white pepper. A chic aperitif that will surely amaze your guests.

Finally, a gourmet pairing that will leave your guests speechless is the combination of bread and oil with chocolate. Try to melt dark chocolate while toasting a slice of bread and oil. Add a pinch of salt and the result will amaze you! (source: Grand Chef)

Now you are among those fortunate enough to still be able to enjoy genuine extra virgin olive oil to have a delicious snack at home.

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